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Pastor's Letter for May 2021
April 29, 2021, 11:40 AM

Do you love to dance? Does dancing give you joy? Do others enjoy dancing with you? If so, you know the life that comes from dancing. You might dance well naturally, you might have had lessons or you might just love the feeling of moving to the music. Dancers seldom dance alone. The dance with others or at least dance to music played by others. Dancing usually requires the effort of individuals in close cooperation with other dancers and musicians. Our creator is the Triune God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist as three and also as one. The Trinity is a mysterious doctrine to many, but if you look at the Trinity through the lens of a dancing, it begins to make so much sense!!

  1. Christian writers, in considering the doctrine of the Trinity, used the word that means to dance around to describe the Triune nature of God. A in a greek folk dance, Father, Son and Holy Spirit dance as one arm in arm. Christians are called to keep in step with the Spirit (Gal 5:25) so we are invited into the dance of the Trinity. It is in the dance with God as members of the body of Christ that we come into joy filled, abundant and eternal life.
  1. people, do not like to dance. People who don’t like to dance are usually consider themselves poor dancers and are concerned about embarrassing themselves. Voices of discouragement speak from inside and outside. People who refuse to dance feel they cannot measure up. Feelings of fear and shame keep them from dancing. Fear and shame steal the life that comes from dancing with God and others. Fear and shame steal the life they have and keep them from receiving more life through the dance.

People who can’t dance or don’t enjoy dancing need help. They need someone to slowly and carefully teach them to dance. The dance instructor is a disciple maker. Living by the Spirit Keeping in step with the Spirit(Gal 5:25), disciple makers dance and they mentor others to help them to learn to dance with the Spirit too.

  1. Triune God is the Lord of the dance. People who respond to the call to live by the Spirit receive life and joy through the dance. problems is that there is an enemy that wants to make the dancers stop hearing the music so they will stop dancing and separate from the other dancers. The enemy wants to make you feel unworthy to dance, he wants you to feel like you are not and cannot dance well enough to join the dance. If you love the dance too much and insist on staying in it he may tell you that you are too good for this group of dancers and you need to leave one dance and either dance alone or join a group of better dancers. enemy makes you separate from the dance either by the lie that you cannot measure up or by the lie that you are too good for the dancers you are with. enemy either shames you or causes you to shame others. In either case the dance is disrupted, quality of life falls, death comes nearer and nearer.

We need to dance with God in order to live. By the grace of God, for the glory of God, to receive abundant life, we must join the dance and help others join the dance. To do that we need to both know the ways of God and the ways of the enemy. During the late spring and summer we are going to offer a training program called “The Dance”. We hope and pray it will become a tool that will help you dance with the Lord and a tool that you can use to help others dance with Him too. Look for more information to come and if you are particularly interested in The Dance please let me know soon!!


God bless you!!    


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